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    Event: Used Baseball/Softball Equipment Drive
    Date : Ongoing
    Location: Contact Emily Scholz

    As an avid softball and baseball player, Phil accumulated a stockpile of gear. I am donating his equipment to a local organization called Baseball Buddies. This organization was founded by two young brothers in San Jose, CA and they work with the US Air Force to distribute used equipment to youth around the world.

    Do you have old gear taking up space in your garage (mitts, balls, bats, cleats, helmets, sliding pads, etc.)? If so, consider donating to Baseball Buddies. If you would like to participate, send me a message and I’ll coordinate a pick-up for your gear. I will donate Phil’s equipment along with your items to Baseball Buddies on behalf of The Philip Scholz Memorial Foundation.

    The Foundation will also make a monetary donation to Baseball Buddies to sponsor shipping costs. Donate /Sponsor this drive.



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    Event: Fundraiser
    Date: April 5th, 2014
    Location: Coliseum - Oakland
    We hosted a fundraiser at an Oakland Atheltics game on Saturday April 5th in the BBQ Terrace.  We raised $2300 at that event.








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